Tipperary Rural Traveller Project


Tipperary Rural Traveller Project
Rossmore Village
Co. Tipperary


Tipperary Rural Traveller Project works with the Traveller community to address such key issues as health and accommodation and to promote and protect Traveller culture.

Tipperary Rural Travellers Project (TRTP) was set up to:

  • Promote self-determination, self- esteem and leadership amongst the Traveller community
  • Ensure equal access to quality services, facilities and progression opportunities for members of the Traveller community through advocating with and behalf of Travellers, promoting equality and human rights
  • Positively promote and protect Traveller culture through building capacity in the Traveller community and awareness in the settled community

The project is currently engaged, on an ongoing basis, in:

  • Supporting development work with Traveller men, women and young people
  • Providing a Family Support service
  • Running a Primary Healthcare Programme to improve Traveller health and wellbeing
  • Responding to the needs of particularly vulnerable groups in the community, including Travellers in prison and their families,
  • Developing and delivering community leadership training
  • Networking, alliance building and policy work with mainstream service providers at the local level.
  • Networking, alliance and policy development work with Traveller organisations and representative associations at the national level.

In recent years, TRTP has undertaken actions to address the issue of Mental Health in the Traveller community, to promote Traveller culture and to challenge prejudice, and to counter the barriers and challenges faced by Traveller children in the mainstream school system.

How to access: Direct contact with TRTP office

Contact details: Tipperary Rural Traveller Project

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