HSE Regional Suicide Resource Offices

The HSE Regional Suicide Resource Offices in the South East and in the Mid West, respectively, are the leads for the development and implementation of 'Connecting for Life', Ireland’s National Strategy to Reduce Suicide at regional and county levels.

They offer a range of training programmes to raise public awareness; to train people to identify those at risk and to connect them to suicide First Aid resources; and to equip participants with skills to intervene and support people at risk. Training is also available in relation to understanding and addressing self-harm and in supporting people who are bereaved through suicide.

The HSE Regional Suicide Resource Office in the South East also provides the HSE Bereavement Counselling Service for Traumatic Deaths. This service is only available in the South East, including South Tipperary.

Target Groups: All in the community; at risk social groups and individuals, partner organisations and people bereaved by suicide

How to access: Contact the Regional Resource Officers for Suicide Prevention

Contact details:

North Tipperary:
Michael Collins, Resource Officer for Suicide Prevention
Address: CHO Area 3 Resource Office for Suicide, HSE Mid West Mental Health Services, St Joseph’s Hospital, Mulgrave Street, Limerick
Tel. 061 461320 / 087 1042906
Email: michaela.collins@hse.ie
Website: www.connectingforlifemidwest.ie 

South Tipperary:
Tracy Nugent, Resource Officer for Suicide Prevention
Address: South East Community Healthcare (SECH) Suicide Resource Office, Front Block, St Patrick’s Hospital, John’s Hill, Waterford.
Tel. 051 874013 /  087 9271041
Email: tracy.nugent@hse.ie
Website: www.connectingforlifesouthtipperary.ie