Pathways Youth Unemployability Programme, WSTCYS


Waterford & South Tipperary Community Youth Service
St. Oliver's Complex
Elm Park
Co. Tipperary


The aim of Pathways YEP (Youth Employability Programme) is to enable the target group to increase their economic security, opportunity and participation, by increasing their levels of employability, enhancing their acquisition of employability skills, and supporting their progression towards employment, education or training. It is also designed to help the young people develop healthy, positive, viable and socially legitimate lifestyles.

The first phase of the programme revolves around  engagement, building trust and developing relationships so that young people can make the decision to take part in it.

The second phase of around 8-10 weeks focuses on the development of social skills, such as planning, goal-setting, emotional intelligence and resilience. The young people then make choices around their future and start to work on their CV’s and link in with training and education providers. They make applications for training courses and jobs, and are able to overcome knock-backs with the support of the group.

The third and final phase is aimed at supporting young people in the new work or training environments. The young people need help with practical challenges, but also with their emotions and reactions towards the new challenges that they would have allowed into their lives.

Target GroupYoung people between the ages of 17-24 that are not engaged in education or employment. Young people must commit to participating in the programme for 2 days a week for 6 months.

Referral: Self-referral; Referral by parents, agencies, etc. to the Project Workers

Contact:  Victoria Castellaro:  Tel. 083 209 8385
                    Donna Bonelli:   Tel. 083 209 8384


Opening Times


Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 9.00 a.m. - 5.30 p.m.