Extern Outreach Support Services (EOSS)

In partnership with HSE Disabilities service, Extern Outreach Support Services (EOSS) predominantly work with young people and adults who have a disability or autism and who may find it challenging to integrate into traditional social, educational and community systems. EOSS is aligned with the HSE’s New Directions Principles, which include important elements such as person-centredness, community inclusion and active citizenship. Its objectives are:

  • To be needs led, creative, flexible and have a responsive-approach.
  • To listen to and encourage service users to make choices and decisions that affect their lives
  • To support service users to be active, independent members of their own communities through a person-centred approach.
  • To improve personal functioning and inclusion in service user’s local community.
  • To support access to education and employment
  • To develop personal and social supports
  • To promote health and wellbeing

EOSS offers innovative, individualised programmes which can include the following elements:

  • Individual outreach work
  • Integration into community networks
  • Special interest activities
  • Day trips
  • Overnights
  • Day care support

The programme supports individuals to identify areas of potential growth that they would like to explore, and a keyworker will help them identify steps to achieve these goals together.
A keyworker will also support the individual to gain greater access to their communities and access specialist local supports, such as education and training centres, employment advice and hobby and interest groups.

Target Group: Children, young people and adults with disabilities or autism

How to access: Direct contact with HSE Disabilities service or with HSE Occupational Guidance Officer.

Contact details:

Bryan Gough, Service Manager Address: Watch House Cross Business Park, Parteen Road, Limerick       Tel. 086-008 2042 Email: bryan.gough@extern.org

HSE Disabilities:
Adult services: Derg Centre, Gortland Road, Nenagh E45 E597. Co. Tipperary
Tel. (067) 46711
Children's services: North Tipperary Children's Services, Belmont, St. Conlon’s Road, Nenagh E45 E208 Co. Tipperary
Tel. (067) 40130

HSE Occupational Guidance Officer: Tel. (061) 461455 / 086-3806863 E-mail: james.galvin@hse.ie

Geographic remit: North of Co. Tipperary, Co.s Clare and Limerick.

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