Mental Health Ireland

Mental Health Ireland promotes positive mental health and wellbeing for all individuals and communities, and through its network of Mental Health Associations, supports people who experience mental health difficulties on their journey of recovery.

The activities Mental Health Ireland and the local voluntary Mental Health Associations are involved in include:

• Supporting and promoting mental health awareness in communities;

• Working with local Mental Health Ireland development officers to develop initiatives and to deliver workshops on mental health and wellbeing;

• Recovery initiatives such as peer-led day services, Recovery Fairs (mental health promotion events) and Recovery Colleges (learning to support your own recovery);

• Fundraising and accessing grants to support new initiatives.

The Mental Health Ireland web-site and Facebook page offer a range of resources and information about relevant services, events and training.

Target Groups:    

  • General public, including children, young people and adults of all ages.
  • People with mental health challenges and family members/associates/carers, as well as priority groups (farming community, LGBT, students, Travellers, those engaged in services, etc.)

How to access: Go to web-site/Facebook; contact Regional Development Officer.

Contact details: