HSE Primary Care Child, Adolescent & Family Psychology Service (South Tipperary)


South Tipperary Therapy Services
Western Road
Co. Tipperary

The Primary Care Child, Adolescent & Family Psychology Service provides the following services for children and adolescents who are experiencing emotional or behavioural difficulties or mild to moderate mental health difficulties ( e.g. anxiety, low mood,  or adjustment difficulties).

  • Assessment and intervention of emotional and behavioural difficulties
  • Psycho-educational workshops for parents and carers
  • South Tipperary Social Care Leader Service: Home/ clinic based intervention programmes aimed at supporting the individual needs of the child and their family, e.g. bereavement, coping with worry etc.
  • South Tipperary Primary Care Psychology services also specialise in Infant -Parent services, targeting parents in pregnancy and babies up to age 2 years.  The professionals delivering these services listen to parents' concerns, build on their strengths, and also acknowledge the struggle some parents experience adjusting to parenthood or developing a relationship with their baby. Parents are offered a safe place to talk and think about their relationship with their baby. Developmental guidance, supportive counselling and infant parent psychotherapy are offered.

(Link to HSE Psychology services for Disabilities & Special Needs below)

Eligibility: Children and adolescents, age 0 – 17 years

Referral: Referrals are made by a Health Care professional or Family GP. Parental permission is required for referral.

 Contact details: South Tipperary Child and Family Psychology Services


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