Adoption services, Túsla

Adoption is a process by which a child becomes a member of a new family.  It terminates the legal relationship between the child and his/her birthparents and creates a legal relationship between the adoptive parents and child. The Túsla regional Adoption teams provide the following services to the public:

  • Performing assessments of eligibility and suitability with people wishing to be approved as adoptive parents for either Domestic (within Ireland) or Inter-Country Adoption. Domestic Adoptions include Step Parent Adoption and Adoption of children in long-term foster care by their foster carers.
  • Providing information and support services to birth parents who are considering adoption for their child.
  • Providing post-adoption support to birth parents, adoptive parents and children.
  • Providing an Information and Tracing service to adopted people, their birth families, adoptive families and connected individuals.

The Adoption teams carry out tasks that have been mandated to Túsla by the Adoption Authority of Ireland. The Adoption Authority of Ireland is the entity that grants adoption orders in respect of children to adults who reside in the Republic of Ireland.

Target Group: People who wish to apply to be adoptive parents; children and adults involved in current and past adoption processes.

Eligibility: Any adult who is habitually resident in Ireland can apply to have an assessment of their eligibility and suitability to be adoptive parents completed. The Adoption Authority of Ireland has information about the criteria for assessment available on its website.

Contact details:

South East (including South Tipperary):
Tel. (051) 860048

Mid West (including North Tipperary):
Glenbevan House, Mayorstone Upper, Limerick V94 PW70
Tel: (061) 464158.

Adoption Authority of Ireland web-site: