Tipperary Garda Divisional Protective Services Unit

The Tipperary Garda Divisional Protective Services Unit is charged with the investigation of specialised crime categories, including sexual crime, child abuse, Domestic Abuse and on-line child exploitation, including child pornography. This unit and others have been set up around the country in recent years as part of An Garda Síochána’s Modernisation and Renewal programme. The unit includes Specialist Interviewers whose main function is to interview persons under the age of 14 years who have been a victim of a sexual or violent incident or have witnessed same. They work closely with Social Workers in the investigative process. They also interview persons with intellectual disabilities whether adults or children.

Target Groups: Offenders who perpetrate the specialised crimes and the victims of these crimes.

How to access service: Garda referral; Túsla referral.

Contact details: Detective Garda Sergeant Michelle Tierney