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The Probation service works to rehabilitate offenders and thereby create safer communities and fewer victims.

The Probation service is the lead agency in the assessment and management of offenders in the community. Probation Officers provide offender assessment reports to the Court, the Department of Justice and Equality, the Irish Prison Service, the Parole Board and other appropriate bodies as required. The Service also supervises and manages offenders in the community on behalf of the Courts and the Department of Justice and Equality.

Main areas of work are:

  • Offender Supervision and Sentence Management
  • Community Service and Community Return
  • Young Persons Probation – work with children and teenagers between the ages of 12 and 18 years who come before the Courts, or who are in the Children Detention Schools/Centre.

Other associated services:

  • ‘Le Chéile’ Mentoring programme is a mentoring service to young people involved with Young Person’s Probation. The volunteer mentors act as a positive role model, advisor and friend. Mentors work with a young person for 3 hours a week for up to 2 years
  • Irish Association for the Social Integration of Offenders: This service aims to link people on Probation with appropriate training and employment options.
  • Restorative Justice in the Community Project, Nenagh: based on approach to provide ways of dealing with the aftermath of crime which are more satisfactory for victims of crime, more constructive for communities and society and more re-integrative for offenders

Target group: Individuals, from 12 years upwards, who have committed offences and who have been brought before the Courts.

Referral: Referrals accepted from Court Services, Irish Prison Service and places of detention.

Contact details: Della Devereaux, Senior Probation Officer