HSE Comhar National Counselling Service

The HSE National Counselling Service is a professional, confidential counselling and psychotherapy service available free of charge in all regions of the HSE. The client group are adults who have experienced trauma and abuse in childhood with priority given to adult survivors of institutional abuse in Ireland.

Eligibility: Counselling provided to adults, aged 18 years and upwards in the areas of abuse, sexual abuse and trauma.

Referral: Self-referral and referral by health professional on behalf of the adult concerned with his/her permission.

Contact details:

North Tipperary Adult Counselling Service
Address: Ré Nua, 6 Mount Vincent Terrace O’Connell Avenue, Limerick V94 640

Tel: 1800 234115 or (061)411900

South Tipperary Adult Counselling Service
Address: Lismore Park Primary Care Centre, 223 Lismore Park, Waterford X91 VCP5
Tel: 1800 234 118 or (051) 359017