GROW is a national community based organisation providing support and education around emotional and mental wellbeing. Its 12 Step Recovery Program provides effective peer support, motivation and empowerment to enable members to take action to change their circumstances in a structured and supportive environment. GROW’s weekly support meetings enables members to construct their own recovery plan and journey towards personal growth. Its principal strength is the support its members give to each other, drawing on their own successful experiences of recovery.

GROW recognises the importance of prevention and early intervention. Its community educational programmes provide education and information, promoting positive emotional and mental well-being within communities. Its workplace programme encourages organisations to promote and support positive mental wellbeing within the workforce.

Target Group: Any member of the community aged 18 years upwards

How to access: A full list of meetings, times and venues can be found on GROW’s website. The meetings are open to anyone aged 18 years and upwards.

Contact details: Mary Purcell, Regional Manager, South, South East & Mid West