Enable Ireland

Enable Ireland works in partnership with the HSE Disabilities service through their joint North Tipperary Early Intervention and School Age Teams to provide specialist therapeutic assessment and intervention to children with complex disabilities and/or developmental delay in the North Tipperary catchment area

The services that Enable Ireland provide in Children’s Services include clinical assessment, therapy, education, training, residential, respite and family support services. Each child receives an individualised service plan based around the needs of the family and child.

Both Early Intervention and School Age Teams in North Tipperary include psychologists, speech and language therapists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists. The Early Intervention Team also includes an early intervention educator, a paediatric link worker and a paediatric nurse. The School Age Team has some access to a counselling public health nurse.


  • Early Intervention Team: Children under 6 years of age who are not yet attending school and who have been diagnosed or who are at risk of developing a disability, or have been a high risk neonate or who have been appropriately screened and have a query or diagnosis of ASD, should be referred to the Early Intervention Team.
  • School Age Team: Children who are over 6 years or who are attending school and who have a primary physical or intellectual disability and who have complex developmental needs or who have been screened by another service who have query or diagnosis or ASD, should be referred to the School Age Team.

Referral: Referrals by parents; by Health professionals, such as GPs, Public Health Nurses and Consultant Paediatricians, By Primary Care Team therapists, Psychology and CAMHS; and by Early Intervention Teams and School Age Teams

Coverage Areas